This area covers items for trade. I am interested in buying or trading for any items of the SP&S RY..

UPDATED Feb. 6, 1998 New items listed

SP&S RY. Paper form items.

Form # 19 Train Order form SP&S
Form # 027 1958 Spokane,Portland&Seattle Railway Company form
Form # 651 Annual and Time Pass Identification SP&S
Form # 1515 Advertising Matter from Passenger Traffic Dept. SP&S
Form # 1363 From Stationer- Storekeeper, Portland, Ore. SP&S
Form # 1210 Clearance form A SP&S

SP&S Items

SP&S Coffee Coaster two left
SP&S Hours of Service Act Feb.15,1947 one only
SP&S Scenic beauty along the SP&S Ry. brochure one only $ 20.00
SP&S Adlake Key Brass Only have one left $ 35.00
SP&S button SAFE PERFORMANCE SATISFIES red and white in color one left

SP&S China

Have a few of the Northern Dogwood Patterned Plates. Would be interested in trading for other types of pieces in this pattern or another pattern of the SP&S RY. These are the 9 inch plates. They are in excellent shape. Shine like new.
Will sell plates for $ 30.00 ea. or 4 plates for $100.00

Other Items

Nothern Pacific Caboose Hotbox Water Can Excellent Shape $ 65.00

There are too many other items to list at this time. So if you are looking you might ask and see if I have it or might be able to point you in the direction of someone that does.

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