Passenger Pass Collection


The following is a collection of Passenger Passes. These were most often used by employees and their dependents to ride the passenger train service. They provide little bits of information, such as employee's name and job title. Dependents names and relationship. Which trains they could not ride on. It is interesting to see the change in printing from the earlier ones to the modern ones. The modern ones are not as good of quality of paper or printing.

I am striving to collect at least one for each year they were available. If you know of any which are available, please email me. As I find new ones I will add them here to this page. Also any information on the use of these passes.

1917 Pass Picture Pass 1917

1923 Pass Picture Pass 1923

1924 Pass Picture Pass 1924

1934 Pass Picture Pass 1934

1939 Pass Picture Pass 1939

1941 Pass Picture Pass 1941

1951 Pass Picture Pass 1951

1958 Pass Picture Pass 1958

1964 Pass Picture Pass 1964

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