Diesel Paint Schemes for the SP&S RY.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway

Diesel Paint Schemes

CODE BASE COLOR TRIM & HERALD STYLE LETTERING COLOR DATES TYPES LATER TYPES & COLOR STYLE SIZE DELIVERED APPLIED **** ********** ******************* *************** ***** ********* *********** F-1 Dupont FREIGHT CABS LUCITE ALCO FA's 890- Yellow strips below 180722 grillwork looping Yellow - gothic behind cab door, style-small size returning along panel unit number very 5-48 FA-1 Close to rivet line. Yellow small in green on 850-861 or exactly stripe along roof at frame stripe on GN Empire angle behind cab side of nose. FB-1 Builder area, meeting at Then moved to 200-205 Green point behind horns yellow - just on roof. Band of above frame stripe yellow on roof of of unit nose from bottom of windshield to headlight grill. Through headlight grill broading over nose in inverted "V" from meeting with yellow frame stripes on side of nose. Red herald on nose. Spelled out. Roof behind cab-red oxide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-2 Same as F-1 except yellow nose color " " " increased to broad 1954 FA-2's FA-1's arc around number FB-2's FB-1's boards- entire nose F-3 roof yellow back to word herald windshield. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-3 See Above Yellow nose area Word Herald increased from nose Yellow gothic FA-1's roof up through style- large size FB-1's windshield area. large unit number 1956 FA-2's (some units)852-853 above name approx. FB-2's 866 centered in middle F-3 panels F-7 & E7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-4 See F-1 Broad yellow nose gothic style & C-424 Entire band- 75" from rail green large size 6-64 C-425 Roster 40" wide- red unit # Large C-636 harold - SP&S above road name initials centered ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-5 860 ONLY Number yellow 860 ONLY Yellow band low, to letter herald 1964 "V" on nose, nose roof yellow, nose 1969 door yellow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-6 857 ONLY Number yellow 857 ONLY Nose roof green. Alco Nose yellow - angle wreck down to narrow rebuild yellow band lower than normal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-1 See F-1 Passenger Cabs Yellow - small EMD F-3 F-7 E-7 gothic Yellow narrow frame unit # green on 4-47 F-3's E-7 750 stripe, yellow yellow nose at F-7's SP&S book stripe on side edge of below grill looping anticlimber around front port- hole, returning along rivet line. Yellow nose color starting at base of windshield broading on roof through headlight and across nose in inverted "V" shape. Meeting frame stripe near ladder to cab. Red oxide roof. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-2 Omaha Orange EMPIRE BUILDER Yellow - gothic Colors Roof green style on green 7-48 E-7 750 down through grill band ONLY area - narrow yellow stripes seperate orange and green. Orange window panel green band below with rr name in yellow - to point on nose. Orange stripes below green band. Nose orange, red herald. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-3 Same as P-1 except Unit number small yellow nose color yellow at rear of 1953 F-7's ? E-7 ? extended in arc unit F-3's around number boards and covering nose roof. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-4 See F-1 Same as P-3 Lettering yellow- 1959- F-3's - E7 Oxide red roof Large 1962 Roman style #& ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-5 " Yellow nose color Lettering yellow F-3's extended to include large F-7's windshield area Gothic Style E-7 Large #& ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-6 " Broad yellow band Green gothic large F-3's 75" from rail 40" Large # 1964 F-7's wide - SP&S initial E-7 herald ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-7 " no trim - red SP&S Yellow gothic - late initial herald on Large 1969 nose Large # early 1970 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-1 GREEN ROADSWITCHERS Yellow Gothic 1945- Yellow frame stripe, small 1956 yellow diagonal strip word herald,and es at edge roof on hoods. Red oxide roof #73 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-2 GREEN Yellow diagonal frame Yellow gothic GP-9's RS-2 stripes in three lines RS-3 Red oxide roof ? on GP-9's RS-1? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-3 Green Yellow dashed frame " " RS-3's? stripes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-4 Green " " " " " 1961 GP-9,RS-3,RS-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-5 Green Broad yellow band 40" Green-small nar- 1964 C-424 Entire wide. Red SP&S init- row on Alcos to C-425 Roster ial herald. Red oxide large on GP-9, BN C-636 roof? Centurys. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-6 Green Yellow band 48" wide Large geen 1968 gothic 8" to C-415 letter herald BN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-7 Blue Broad white band Red gothic let- RS-3 #97 GREY roof tering and 1966 numbers. letter herald. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-8 Yellow Broad black or green Red gothic 1970 RS-1 #53 band. Black roof lettering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-9 Green Yellow band 4'6"wide Red ltr herald none 7'0" from rails Green gothic 1970 lettering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-1 Green SWITCHERS SP&S RY in 1940- Solid yellow frame squared Roman 1950 V0-1000 stripe. Herald style on metal North Bank Route in letterboard on margin - yellow hood top centered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-2 Green Yellow- thin yellow Yellow 1940's S-1, S-2 rectangles on frame. Solid color- original Alco S-1, S-2 scheme Pinstripe along roof line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-3 Green NP style- Solid RR name spelled 1940 yellow frame stripe out in small to See S-2 V0-1000 3 yellow stripes at gothic style. 1953 end of hood and on ? cab back. Red harold. Word Herald. Tiny yellow stripe at roof edge of hood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-4 Green Frame stripe diagonal " " 1955- V0-1000 yellow stripes 1956 S-1,S-2 applied to S-1 and S-2 schemes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-5 Green Yellow frame stripe. Yellow gothic 1948- Yellow stripe around style and 1954 ? NW-2 entire body just spelled out above frame stripe. 5 yellow stripes at end of hood bending around hood each one longer than the one above. Narrow yellow stripe below cab window and handrail on hood. Red herald ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-6 Green Dashed yellow Yellow gothic - V0-1000's frame stripe, regular and S-1, S-2 diagonal yellow narrow style. NW-2, stripes at end of Also a roman SW-9's unit narrow style used on yellow stripes at Baldwins roof edge of hood. Word herald Red herald. And ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-7 Green Broad yellow band Green gothic- 1965 S-1, S-2 40" high SP&S regular on to NW-2, initial herald EMD's narrow on BN SW-9 Alco's Letter herald and ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The paint scheme information contained here was obtain from the February 1983 SP&S SIG - newsletter. There are questions marks on some the above infor, if you can be of help in clearing up these, please e-mail me with the infor you have.

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