Links to SP&S Sites and Infor.

  • SP&S Historical Society site

  • All Aboard the SP&S 700

  • Links to many Train sites by Christopher Muller

  • The Intelligence Vacuum by Kevin Tompson , provides some good infor for the SP&S .

  • The Washington State Railroads Historical Society

  • This is the Union for the former SP&S has some information and names

  • Pacific Railroad Preservation Association this is a good site

  • This site has imfor. on the restoring of an SP&S Loco.

  • Ronald G. Pterson's site. Paper collectibles and artifacts. Watch this one grow.

  • This site has various links for the SP&S NRHS-PNWC.

  • Blake Timm. This site has some history and links for the SP&S Ry.

  • Westfield provides kits and decals for SP&S models.

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    If you know of any other SP&S sites let me know via email and I will consider adding them to the list.

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