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SP&S CABOOSES - A HISTORY. The SP&S caboose fleet dating from 1908-1970 was a unique collection of its own home built, rebuilt, shortline-acquired and numerous types provided by its parents, the GN and NP. Authored by Paul T. Hobbs, his book bears the fruit of over 10 years of meticulous company files searches from Portland to St. Paul. It sets the standard for historical research on railroad subjects with an overview of system-wide train operations to justify its caboose fleet, acquisitions through the years to meet peacetime and World War II traffic needs, rationale on why various types were placed into service, the transition from wood to steel carbodies and underframes, dispositions and dates, paint schemes, methods of construction, and numerous other data which will keep the historian leafing through its pages for hours. The modeler is also supplied with detailed information and the "how-to's" on lettering, dimensions, color schemes, and a sample photo gallery of Hobbs' own model cabooses; enough to satisfy the fussiest connoisseur of what an SP&S caboose was supposed to look like while it was in service. 56 detailed b&w photographs, 26 equipment book diagrams, 108 pages, 5-1/2"x8-1/2" format and a vinyl hard cover designed to last forever. Cover $28.95 Price.

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updated 10-31-97